Thursday, 5 March 2015


Rasgulla - makes me nostalgic about the good old Hyderabad days. I think I have mentioned before too that Hyderabad is the place from where my food journey actually started. Lots and lots of yummm food! Back then I had lot many colleagues who came from kolkata. They used to bring pots full of those white, spongy, yummy rasgullas when they came back from vacation. Good old days!

Recently I visited KC Das in Chennai, the name synonymous with Bengali Sweets, and bought some sweets including rasgullas. In the blink of an eye rasgullas were gone!!

That's when I thought maybe I should try making it at home. First time I made around 20 of them. I made at night and by next day it was over! Next day I made again and again it was over in a jiffy :).

My dear friends have been asking for the recipe and look at me, lazy me! Ok so this one is for you Appu (Aparna). Here we go!


1l full cream milk
1/2 cup curd or 2 tbsp lemon juice
2 cups sugar
3 cups water
1 tsp cardamom powder

  • Place a sieve lined with muslin cloth over a vessel and keep it aside.
  • Boil the milk stirring occasionally to avoid burns. 
  • Add the curd little by little to the milk stirring it well. 
  • The milk will curdle, add the curd fully and continue stirring until the greenish whey separates completely.
  • Strain it using the sieve we have set aside.
  • Wash the chenna well in a big bowl of water or the running water from the tap.
  • Squeeze gently to take out the extra water and hang it to drain for around 30 mins. 
  • After 30 mins the chenna will look like this, slightly crumbled.

  • Knead the chenna to get a soft dough for about 5-6 mins.

  • Once you get a smooth dough, make small smooth balls out of it.
  • In another big vessel, mix the sugar, cardamom powder and water and bring to boil. Make sure the sugar is dissolved completely.
  • When the syrup is boiling, drop the balls and cook covered in high heat for around 4-5 mins. 

  • Reduce the flame to medium and cook covered for another 15 mins and switch off the flame.
  • You can see that the rasgullas have doubled in size.

Yummy rasgollas are ready. Best served chilled overnight :) but we didn't have the patience so started eating right away!

  • I have used curd for curdling, you can use lemon juice as well.
  • Washing the chenna is to remove the sourness of the lemon juice.
  • Adding ice cubes after the curdling is done stops the process further. 

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  1. so sweeeeeeeeet of you.... i am sure it will be yummmmm... thank you and will make it soon....