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Welcome to Chiqu's Kitchen, I am Chiqu, the author of this blog and that's me in the photo here along with the other 2 chefs in my kitchen, my darling hubby and my lil pumpkin.

Why the name Chiqu's Kitchen!
My hubby calls me Chiqu(so does my son at times!!). It is a short form of Chiquita, a Spanish word meaning 'lil girl'. His stay in Mexico has influenced him a lot, the food in particular. And yes that's when he got interested in and started cooking, basically he didn't have a choice, that's how most of us start isn't it?

Chiqu's Kitchen is all about simple cooking, love for food and the passion for cooking! And the main ingredient in all recipes is love!

Something more about me?
I am an Electrical Engineer by Education but in IT by profession, working as Senior Consultant with Capgemini. But don't worry, all the recipes in this blog are tried and tasted in my kitchen (not during office hours!). I was born and brought up in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum!), Kerala. I started cooking during my school days out of boredom. I was the first one to come back home in the evening and there was no cable TV back then at my place to entertain me :). My parents used to have whatever I used to cook and give comments.
My first job with 'Satyam Computer Services' took me to Hyderabad which is when I actually started cooking and thus started my culinary journey. I could say that it was in Hyderabad that I really fell in love with food, I became a foodie! After that it has been a wonderful journey with my better half who loves food as much as or much more than I do :D. Wherever we go, we taste the local food and the ones we like a lot, we make sure we try it out in our kitchen.
I can't say that this blog is just mine, though it is maintained by me. The husband had motivated me to start this blog, especially after friends started asking for recipes. To add to that, I have a very bad memory, so remembering the recipes is a herculean task for me, so I too thought it's better to put it all in one place for reference and thus Chiqu's Kitchen was born!

All the recipes in this blog are tried and tasted by me and my family (at times friends too!). Most of the recipes for the Kerala dishes are from my Mom's or my Sister's Kitchen, both of whom are wonderful cooks themselves! Rest of the recipes, some from cook books and others from various sites, are all mentioned accordingly in the post. As a general rule, please adjust the salt and spice level according to your taste! I have a problem juggling with the spice level too, like most of you might have, with my family having very spicy food and my husband's family using moderate spice level.

Other activities
I love travelling and I love photography. Both of these have helped me in building this blog and my Facebook page. All the photographs in this blog and my Facebook page are taken by me. My FB page has photographs of food which we have had from various restaurants as well apart from the ones which we have cooked at home.

Contact Us
Kindly leave a comment if you like a post. It will inspire me more and motivate me to improve the blog. You can also reach me at yumyumcorner@gmail.com with your suggestions or queries if any.

So People, "Sleep till you are hungry and Eat till you are sleepy", happy cooking, enjoy and have fun!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in cooking at all!!! I love cooking and when something turns out good, I share it with you. I will try to answer any queries you might have but might not be successful all the time :D, so please be patient and follow at your own risk ;).

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